Delphi Consulting Group (DCG)


Regulatory Assistance with medical devices and the U.S. FDA and Health Canada.


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Established in 1986.  Medical Device design, prototype and testing regulatory services.

Cooper Consulting Service (CCS) has a broad range of engineering capabilities.  We have designed numerous medical devices, ranging from teaching products to critical care systems.  Our services are tailored to client needs and can range from turn-key product design to supporting a specific aspect of design or test.  Working with CCS puts 100+ years of engineering experience on your team!

CCS is committed to our customerís success and has worked with companies large and small, from all over the world.  Our team wants to help you bring your product from concept to commercial success!

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Contact:  or phone +281-482-9786


J. Harvey Knauss d.b.a. Delphi Consulting Group (DCG) has closed all business functions effective January 1, 2022.



We wish to thank all past and current DCG clients for their tasks.  It has been a very good 30> year run with interesting people, interesting projects and the new medical devices that have helped mankind.  It has truly been a pleasure working with all. We wish the very best for all past and present DCG clients in the coming year and beyond.

 For current and recent clients if you desire to receive all files/documents that I have in Dropbox, please send e-mail requesting your files, and I will do a Dropbox file transfer. No charge for this, they are your files. Thirty days from now I plan to purge all clients files out.

We desire to recommend Cooper Consulting Services for your future medical device regulatory needs, here is their contact information:

 Tommy Cooper, P.E., President

Cooper Consulting Services  (CCS)

281-482-9786 Voice

CCS is current on all FDA regulations with a large document database of FDA Guidances, and processes with years of experience working with the FDA, on pathway to release to market for new and modified medical devices.  We are confident you will find CCS good to work with and very knowledgeable.

Again, I wish to thank everybody, it has been fun.